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Vermont Advanced Computing Core

The Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) is a High Performance Computing (HPC) core sponsored by the VP for Research's office and ETS. 

The VACC provides researchers access to a large (250+-node, 4000+ CPU core) parallel computing cluster located on campus.  "Bluemoon" is the name of the HPC cluster at the VACC.  It is maintained in ETS data centers.


  • 600TB GPFS ("Spectrum Scale") parallel clustered filesystem
  • Flash acceleration for metadata and newly written files
  • Large memory nodes: up to 1TB per node
  • Low-latency Infiniband (FDR) for MPI or other types of IPC
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Container support via Singularity

Get Started

Visit  Primary Investigators can apply for a VACC account, and then sponsor other users (faculty, staff, or students)

Learn More


User documentation is available at

For IT Professionals

Write to for additional assistance if you are helping a researcher who is trying to run a model that is too large or takes too long for their laptop.



  • Primary Investigators at UVM
  • Current Students, Faculty, and Staff who are sponsored by a Primary Investigator


  • A valid UVM NetID



  • No additional charge

Help and FAQs

The following resources are available for receiving support for this service.