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Document Management System (ApplicationXtender)

ApplicationXtender is the University's administrative document management and retention system.

ApplicationXtender is Banner's Document Management System (BDMS)--an integrated document management solution used by administrative departments.  Imaging and indexing with BDMS allows electronic documents to be archived and retrieved in Banner.  With BDMS, we reduce the cost of managing paper and our carbon footprint.  We also improve data security and information flow across departments.

Examples of the types of documents stored here include:  Applications for admission, Financial Aid award letters, Procurement contracts, and PurCard receipts.


  • Document management and retention
  • Accessible through the Banner student information system or ApplicationXtender Web Access as needed and approved

Get Started

To log in to ApplicationXtender Web Access, click here:

Contact your manager or department head to begin the approval process

To access ApplicationXtender via Banner, you will be approved according to your business need during the Banner approval process.  To request Banner access, complete the form through the Registrar's Office here: 

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Learn more



  • Current Staff as approved





No additional charge.

Help and FAQs

The following resources are available for receiving support for this service.